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Fluctus Labs - we are all about synthesizer repairs! One of the best examples of a synth repair service in UK. Our synth repair service is based in London, so we are a London based synthesizer repair service. Our London synthesizer repair service deals with drum-machines, sequencers, keyboards, effect pedals… All kinds of music equipment repair. We also do random synthesizer modifications or build custom sound modules on your request here at Fluctus Labs synth repair. We repair Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Moog and other brands synthesizers and sounds units. Please call or e-mail our London synth repair service and you (and your synth :) ) won’t regret it! It’s important to mention that our synth repair service has got flexible timetable and we always try to meet our client’s requirements. Fluctus Labs is based in London, UK - the one out of few Synth repair services in London, UK Give Fluctus Labs Synthesizer Repair Service a call! Our London Based synth repair service is looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you!